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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cue tiny violins

Today's accomplishments:

1) Attending one meeting and two lectures
2) Reducing number of emails in inbox from 330 to 130 (after looking through the emails I still need to answer, I think my "Uhura" result from the quiz I mentioned in the last post should be revoked. Bad communicator! Bad!)
3) Printing a bunch of crap from aforementioned inbox which I now have to file away
4) Eating too many baked goods
5) Buying some stuff I didn't really need
6) Writing two letters of recommendation
7) Looking through a couple of composition texts I got as exam copies
8) Writing a letter to various university administrators
9) Continuing to fret about a situation I promised myself I'd stop fretting about
10) Wallowing in despair about not getting my dissertation work done.

In addition, my arm hurts, and it's annoying. I strained the muscles around my left elbow badly doing endurance push-ups on Saturday. It's less painful than it was, but it's still in a sling part of the time, and it's pissing me off, particularly since it's a constant reminder that I'm a wimp who can't handle push-ups. Grr.

I think I need more baked goods.