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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wonder Woman surgery update

My cousin, whom I hereby dub Wonder Woman* for blog purposes, had surgery today. It took seven hours, and the doctors were unable to remove all of the tumor: some of it had grown into her skull and removing other portions might have caused neurological damage.

The tumor was apparently very aggressive and well nourished with blood vessels, and the surgeons said they were glad they'd decided to cut off most of the blood flow to the area earlier in the week. Tomorrow, WW will have an MRI and further testing to determine how to proceed from here, but it's very likely that she'll begin radiation treatments in an attempt to kill off what's left of the tumor and prevent re-growth, if possible.


*This is both an accurate characterization and the name of her favorite superhero; as a pageant contestant, WW once did an absolutely stunning--and very cheeky--dance routine which involved both the Wonder Woman swimsuit and a lasso.

Giving her this epithet has the added benefit of allowing me to dub her babies (one girl, one boy) the Wonder Twins.