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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mouse and the Feather Weeble

The Feather Weeble, as I call it, is one of Mouse's favorite toys. It's essentially a little plume of feathers and felt pieces attached to Velcro and then stuck into half of a rubber ball, so he can bat it around and it won't fall over. This makes him very happy. The first two days after I brought the Feather Weeble home, Mouse would carry it from room to room with him in his mouth.

Here, obviously, Mouse is not very happy. He has realized that I intend to point the noisy little box that flashes lights at him. He doesn't like the noisy little box, and he wants me to put it away.

The cool, mouse-shaped scratching post I bought last weekend lurks in the background. Mouse has been steadily ignoring it--in favor of clawing at the carpet--for a week.