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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In which I alter my cyborg configuration

I now have one of these.

And one of these, too (there's a mail-in rebate of the full purchase price for students who buy a Mac machine by September 16).

Don't hate me because I'm so technologically well endowed.

Yes, I did just increase my debt load by more percentage points than I'd like. And yes, I'm sending my money to the credit card companies, although the card I used sends portions of each purchase to the UAW, so that helps me feel slightly less like a sucker. *

But, y'know, when your computer dies and the computer your lovely friend loans you also dies and you find yourself in otherwise deserted campus computer labs at 9pm or repeatedly invading your long-suffering roommate's space to Google something or check email? And when you have all sorts of deadlines for all sorts of work falling within the next three weeks? Well, it's time to do something about the situation.

This is my first Mac machine: I show every sign of being a very enthusiastic convert. I can't promise not to wax lyrical about Things Mac now and then, but I'll try not to become too much of a bore or True Believer.


*Speaking of which, I just read a sidebar in Mother Jones (yes, I do have a subscription and I am that kind of pinko, thankyouverymuch) which featured Gene Simmons' tagline on the topic of the KISS credit card's rather high interest rates.

Quoth Gene: "Because credit cards are for suckers."

Given the band's over-the-top stagecraft both on and off stage. I wonder whether the credit card isn't as much (or more) a piece of performance art as a money-making gambit. If so, I'd like to nominate the fellas for a MOMA exhibition.